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What Is Love Bombing? 4 Major Signs To Watch Out For

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Love Bombing Is Dangerous: 4 Major Red Flags To Watch Out For

Love bombing is a pattern of intense interest and or attention from a partner to manipulate someone. It’s hard to spot it because most people believe that the behaviour we know as love bombing is our normal expectation of love. Through love bombing, manipulators can take away their partner’s sense of power and or control as an individual. It may take some time for an abusive partner to show you their real self. 

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We all love in different stages and different places as well. What feels right for you may not feel right for someone else and vice versa. As such, it is normal to wonder whether you and your partner are on the same page. If you ever feel uneasy or overwhelmed in your relationship, it is necessary to communicate those feelings to your partner.

If your partner doesn’t respond to the feelings or respond to them in a healthy way then that is a sign that trouble is brewing in your relationship. With that in mind, there are a few things you should look out for in a love bomber:

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They Isolate You From Certain People

If your partner isolates you from your friends and or family this could be a major red flag. By isolating you from your people, the love bomber is amplifying their control over you and the activities that you are partaking in. Their control can be obvious sometimes like not permitting you to do certain activities, or spending time with friends without their presence. If your partner tries to coerce you into doing things that make you feel uncomfortable or make you feel unsafe this is a major sign of emotional abuse.

They Rush To Lock Things Down

What Is Love Bombing? 4 Major Signs To Watch Out For 2

Partners who tend to love bomb, more often jump the gun. Such people are quick to call you their soulmate, they may also introduce you to their friends and family even when it may feel so soon. Such people are likely to skip major milestones in a relationship and jump into a “happy ending.”

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Showering You With Needless Gifts

Such people tend to give you unnecessary, unwanted and or over-the-top gifts just to win you over. In as much as they shower you with unexpected gifts as tokens of affection, they keep gifting you anyway even after you discourage them from overwhelming you with gifts.

They Don’t Take “No” For An Answer 

If you tell a love bomber you are not comfortable with their behaviour or you decide to set healthy boundaries with them, they may become argumentative. They may even make you believe that you are wrong for saying no and trying to challenge them. Dr Tiani, PHD says,

” If it feels like a boundary or many boundaries have been crossed, that’s a sign that your voice isn’t being heard and your opinion doesn’t matter in the relationship. “


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