6 Do and Dont’s during Coronavirus pandemic to remain productive and feel alive

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As the world slowly limps towards beating the coronavirus and finally develop a vaccine for Covid-19 most of us are stuck at home.

While in isolation we all know how easy it is to slip into unhealthy and unproductive ways.

Working from home is a double-edge sword — sure, you get to stay home, but it can be harder to focus and actually get anything done. Who was that again who said with great power comes great responsibility?

To help you out, here are 6 Do and Dont’s during the Coronavirus pandemic to remain productive and feel alive.

Try new stuff

While at home try to work on your old projects. (Freepik)

By now, we are now accustomed to greeting each other with our legs and elbows instead of arms, wearing face masks and washing our hands for the umpteenth time, all new stuff we never dreamed we would be caught dead doing.

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This is a good time to try new stuff and really grow yourself in areas you have never taken time to work on. Think of it this way, before the pandemic how many things used to run through your mind that you wished you would do more? countless right! okay now is the time to work on them and you will be amazed at what you will find out.

Work on your old projects

You remember that old project you started 5 years ago but never really got to finish it. Life before corona was just too busy and you were stretched too thin so it has been lying on your computer ever since.

Well, now is the time to take a second look at it again and with the new information and insights, you have since gained you’re bond to breathe fresh air into it. Don’t be afraid to tweek it a little bit to reflect and even take advantage of the current situation.

Treat your hobby as a profession

Find your hobby and treat it like a job. (NewYork Times)

As you have realized, working from home is not that easy as you thought. Pajamas might be comfortable but wearing them the whole day ends up feeling like you can’t seem to get anything done. The telly playing on the background with your favourite Netflix movie on is also proving to be quite incredibly distracting.

There’s also your hobby which you swore at the start of the lockdown will be minting you money like crazy before you say Timbuktu but three months down the line nothing much has amounted to it.

Here’s where the problem lies. You need to start treating your hobby as a profession. Just like when you used to go to the office, you have to set yourself up for success when working from home.

To do this try to stick to some semblance of your original work routine. If you needed to be at your work desk at 8 a.m wake up in time accordingly.

Just like before, wake up early, have breakfast and give yourself a little bit of time before starting to work.

Stay healthy

Roll out your yoga mat and meditate or do a 30-minute high intensity set via online exercise videos daily. (Business Insider)

One thing that has become crystal clear during this pandemic is health is wealth. Your body immunity is literally your coat of armour right now as we live through this pandemic.

Being healthy is, however, not a child’s play and takes a conscious effort to achieve. It’s’ easy to binge on junk food and convince yourself that there’s nothing to lose since you’re stuck at home anyway. How wrong!

This is a rare opportunity for you to really roll up your sleeves and work towards that body, look and overall feel you have always dreamed of but never really got time to do it.

I know money is short but you don’t need to rob a bank to afford that healthy body.  There are countless options to remain healthy. Home workouts are a good option and very easy to pull off. Roll out your yoga mat and meditate or do a 30-minute high intensity set via online exercise videos daily and before you know it you will be 5 pounds lighter, glowing and feeling fucking amazing.

Don’t spend your time basking in the current misery of the world

Simply because you’re stuck at home, life is at a standstill and business is slow is no reason to coil yourself into a ball and spend your days basking in this coronavirus pandemic misery. Remember time waits for no man and while it seems like the whole world has ground to a halt, much of the earth and environment hasn’t skipped a beat since coronavirus first broke out.

Use your time constructively and choose what you are exposing yourself on a daily basis. Read what you need to about Covid-19 on social media and then log off and turn your attention to other matters.

Don’t turn to alcohol, drugs, and vices just for the heck of it

While stuck at home, don’t turn to alcohol, drugs, and vices just for the heck of it. (stocksy.)

Somebody once said if you use drugs to get fucked you will for sure get fucked up, how true.

While you’re stuck at home it’s easy to feel like there isn’t much you can do as you wait for the world to reopen other than flinging open that fridge and grab your ninth cold beer before going out for another smoke.

Similarly, while you’re home alone your past vices are bond to creep back and tempt you to go for another go, what do you have to lose anyway after all aren’t you stuck at home alone while you would so much prefer to be working. Indulging in things like masturbation and watching countless porn is especially bond to seem very harmless and inviting.

However, keep at the back of your mind that ‘too much of anything is poison’. The kick in drugs and other vices is tied in their moderation so don’t spoil the fun. Instead, if you must have your daily dose of ‘highness’ then use it as an incentive and let it power you through that thick file of documents you have been planning to sort out for months. At the end of the day, you will look down at the progress you’re slowly making, breathe a little easier, and now be free to enjoy your sin of choice in peace because you have earned it.


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