Shakilla looking for a man on tinder

Shakilla: I Must Find Me A Man By All Means!

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Tinder Chronicles: Will Shakilla Find A Serious Man This Time?

Twenty-year-old socialite Shakilla has shared a screenshot of her Tinder page on Instagram announcing to her fans that she has joined the dating app in the hope of getting into a serious relationship. On her Instagram stories, she wrote,
“I have to find me a man by all means.”
The revelation happens a fortnight after she took to Instagram to relay her frustrations because she couldn’t attract a man who is interested in having a serious relationship with her. She wrote,
“All my followers no one wants to enter into a serious relationship with me. Was I meant to be a street in life?”
Shakilla looking sexy in a luminous green sexfit
Shakilla looks sexy in a luminous green sex fit
The social media enthusiast however made it clear that she is not looking for a Kenyan man but preferred Nigerian men because they give women money and treat them right.
” Nigerians are the sweetest people you can meet they give you money and treat you well. I can never date a Kenyan boy. I’m not Kenyan so I have the right to do that,” the celebrity said during an Insta live session.
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