Stephen Letoo promises women flowers on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: Kenyan Journalist Stephen Letoo Will Give Kenyan Ladies Flowers For Doing This

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Stephen Letoo Will Spoil Kenyan Women With Flowers And Chocolate During The Men’s Conference

Stephen Letoo has promised to gift chocolate and flowers to women who will accompany their men to the men’s conference on Valentine’s day, 14th February 2023. In an interview with SPMZ Buzz, the celebrated journalist addressed the so-called daughters of Mary, 

Hao watakuwa wanaitwa ‘daughters of Mary’, wale watakuwa wanaleta their men and boyfriends, because it is a noble course of having a better man. Hao, tutawatuza.Iwapo utaleta bwana yako tutakutuza chocolates na flowers. Kwa sababu they are supportive women to the boy child,” 

Valentine's Day gifts
Valentine’s Day gifts

(” The women who will escort their partners to the men’s conference we shall refer them to daughters of Mary and we shall reward them with flowers and chocolate for being supportive to their men.”)

Hot Topics for Valentine’s Day

Stephen Letoo declared interest in the men’s conference chairmanship following the death of Mzee Kibor. Speaking during an interview on Hot 96, the seasoned journalist revealed some of the issues that he is set to discuss on Valentine’s day which includes family law as well as mental awareness. He said that he was very determined to fit into Mzee Kibor’s shoes.

Stephen Letoo set for men's conference on Valentine's Day
Stephen Letoo set for men’s conference on Valentine’s Day

” You know fitting in the shoe of the late Mzee Kibor requires so much courage. I am really trying to do all that I can to ensure that men’s needs are met. As small as I am and as short as I am, I am trying my best,” said Letoo.”


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