Shakilla And Musician Lavalava’s Bedroom Video Leaks Online

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Shakilla And Lavalava’s Intimate Video Sparks Reactions On Social Media

An intimate video of Kenyan socialite Shakilla sleeping next to Tanzanian music star Lavalava on a bed has gone viral. The video which is now trending on social media shows Lavalava sleeping as Shakilla takes a video of the intimate moment they are sharing together. The video which leaked on social media has got most Netizens sharing their thoughts on social media.
Some social media users criticized the Instagrammer for recording and sharing the video. Others defended her move saying that she was just documenting her life. The leaked video has also sparked debate about consent and the role that social media plays as well. Netizens who took a more critical stance highlighted the potential consequences of sharing intimate videos in the social media age. Some social media users humorously remarked on social media, ” Fear the sleep after the match.”
Some social media users are of the idea that Shakilla may have shared the video as a teaser for a music collaboration. It is not clear how this move is likely to affect Shakilla’s career. Shakilla has denied leaking the video and she claims to have started investigations to tell who could have leaked the video. According to the vixen, the video going around is more than two years old.
She took to social media to inform her fans about the same. She wrote,
“There’s a video circulating online with me and the named person in the video, I would like to let it be known I am surprised to see the video, as this was taken over 2 years ago with the 3rd party’s phone, whom I have not spoken or seen in over a year, I am not going back and forth or answering any questions about this video as I am not responsible for posting or having any engagements with the 3rd party involved.”

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