(NUDES LEAK) Georgina Njenga Bags Herself Another Boyfriend 1

(NUDES LEAK) Georgina Njenga Bags Herself Another Boyfriend

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Georgina Njenga Allegedly Breaks Up With Tyler Mbaya

Georgina Njenga has announced a break-up with Tyler Mbaya. The popular Instagrammer announced their split on her Instagram stories. An inquisitive fan took to her stories to ask her whether she had split with the famous actor. While engaging her followers in an Interactive Questions and Answers session a fan asked,
” Are you still together with Tyler Mbaya.?”
Georgina replied with, “No we broke up.”
She explained that since she split with the father of her child, she decided to move on to a new loving relationship. She wrote,
“A lot of you guys are asking this question. This is the last time am going to answer. We broke up. I am in a new relationship with my new man!”
She added, “This is a different type of love. I honestly never knew such love existed before. I am in a good place.”
The two celebrities have been in an on and off-relationship and Netizens are speculating that the duo is probably chasing clout. This year, the social media influencer became the topic of discussion on social media after her nudes leaked online. Internet users became horny and many desired to see more of her goddess body when her nude video circulated online. The nudes circulated in different telegram channels and proved to be Georgina’s nudes.
In the videos, Georgina is seen dancing naked and recording herself on camera. The Instagram beauty is seen showing off her perky breasts, tight-looking pussy and wide beautiful smile. In her defence, Georgina said that she was 18 when she recorded the video and she only shared it with her then-boyfriend. It is alleged that her ex-boyfriend is behind the leaked nude videos.
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