Rapper Lil Baby’s Alleged Gay Video Leaks Online

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Internet users seem to think that Lil Baby was involved in a sex act that would make many assume that he’s into men. Lil Baby is speaking up and calling BS as he commands everyone to cool their jets. Presently, the rapper is trending because of a graphic and sexually explicit video assumed to be his began making rounds on social media. The video depicts a man giving another man a blowjob. The clip is one of those weird recordings whose source is unknown.
The man in the clip bears a resemblance to Lil Baby and a a lot of people believe so. The notion that the man in the clip is fuelled by a caption that covers the guy’s full face that reads, ” Nah lil Baby.” It could be that a random clip of a guy giving head to another man was screen recorded and attached to Lil Baby’s name and also attempted to pass it around as a legit video.
On the X platform, many homophobic and mean jokes are flying at the rapper’s expense. Lil Baby on the other hand is pouring water on the rumours spreading online. Lil Baby took to his Instagram stories and wrote,
“Y’all gotta stop using my name and likeness when y’all get bored, then the extremes mfs go to for clout is sick. Ain’t no mystery in my history on NO LEVEL. This is my last time addressing any kind of dumb-ass clickbait.”

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