Peter Omo, the Ugandan man with 38 wives

Man with 38 wives becomes a tourist attraction

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Ugandan men look up to 55-year-old polygamist for advice

People from different parts of Uganda travel to the Northeastern region of Karamoja to see a man who has 38 wives.

Peter Omo, the Ugandan man with 38 wives

55-year-old Peter Omo said although he knows how many wives he has, he has lost count of the children.

“I have very many children. I do not know how many they are.”

Each wife has a home in its own compound, several heads of cattle

His home which is located in Lopedulu is like a small village, with each wife having her house, several huts, and a compound that sustains 20 heads of cattle.

A good number of men reportedly consult him on the kind of herbs he uses to sexually satisfy all those women.

This came after several media houses interviewed the wives and they all praised his sexual prowess.

‘He is a lion in bed’

“He sleeps with me once every 38 days but I remain satisfied until he comes back again. He is a lion in bed,” said one of his wives, 30-year-old Stella Chetayi.

His neighbor, Peter Loku said that even when he falls sick, he has to sleep with his wives.

“He is a tough man. He is strong and we all wonder how he satisfies all those women. By the way, he is also jealous and does not like men going near his wives.”

Uses herbs to boost his sexual prowess

Loku pointed out that they got information that he uses herbs to boost his sexual prowess.

He said that with 20,000 cows, he is the second richest man in the Karamoja region and so can ably look after his family.


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