Mpyaro: Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria and “Malaya” Saga Explained

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Malaya? Kenyan Politician Condemned For Allegedly Insulting Top Journalists

Netizens have called out Moses Kuria for calling out on a popular media group in Kenya. It is alleged that the CS labelled the popular media group as “Malaya”.
The honourable tweeted, ” Kwa wale Malaya wa Agha Khan pale Nation Centre. You can still advertise auctioneers and funeral announcements. We will not stop those.”
In a different tweet, the CS wrote,
“Washerati wa Agha Khan. Muwe na usingizi poa”
Most social media users took to the platform to shun the CS for the tweets he shared. One Pauline Njoroge wrote, ” Yaani we have a whole CS who called our journalists ‘Malaya’ and the CS who is Moses Kuria is still in office with no public apology for a statement from the president. If this can happen to a big media house like Nation Media group Kweli we are a shit country”
Other internet users were of the idea that Moses needs to be charged for making such sentiments. One Don Seth tweeted,
” We have so many cases where people were arrested, charged and imprisoned for calling others Malaya, Why is Moses Kuria still free?
It is alleged that the journalists in the popular media group posted a revelation / exposé with some concealed information. In the exposé, they used words like unidentified source, close sources and anonymous sources which turned out to infuriate Kenyans who termed the exposé as propaganda, more so the Cabinet Secretary.
‘Malaya’ is a Swahili word that means “outcast” or “prostitute”. Using the word is frowned upon, especially in most East African countries. It is alleged that the popular media house used the term ‘maparyo” a Swahili word that means a person who uses insults on others.
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