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African Countries Which Have Legalized LGBTQ Community

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Who Else in Africa Will Add on to this Bold List of Countries that have Legalized LGBTQ Community?

Some countries in Africa have de-criminalized same-sex relations, a move that has contributed to the improved psychological and physical well-being of the LGBTQ community.

People in such countries however still face stigma and violence because of their sexual orientation.

Administrations in those countries have stepped up in coming up with laws that protect the LGBTQ community against discrimination that is based on their sexual orientation. Here are countries in Africa that have legalized same-sex relations:


The country approved a bill that came into effect in 2019 that decriminalized same-sex relations. The country also forbids discrimination based on sexual identity which is punishable by law.


In the past, such relationships were taboo majorly because of the Catholic influence. This move has made human activists also fight against homosexual discrimination in other African countries.

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Botswana prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. This makes it one of the countries in Africa that have protection rights for gay people. Although the country’s high court decriminalized homosexuality in 2019, the law came into effect in 2021.

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Cape Verde

legalized lgbtq
Welcome to Cape Verde; the African island-country has supported the LGBTQ Community

It is considered to be one of the most tolerant countries for the LGBTQ community. Although the country hasn’t yet legalized same-sex marriages, it prohibits employment discrimination based on somebody’s sexual discrimination.


The country legalized homosexuality in 2012 and celebrated its first gay pride day a year later. The country however does not support same-sex marriages and it lacks protection rights for people based on their sexual orientation.


With the LGBTQ community everywhere, it is time for political leaders to come up with protective laws that protect this community against discrimination as well as accept same-sex marriages.

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