Nigerian Man Fantasy: 6 SureFire Signs A Nigerian Guy Loves You 1

Nigerian Man Fantasy: 6 SureFire Signs A Nigerian Guy Loves You

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6 Ways To Know Your Nigerian Guy Really Loves You

Nigerian men are a special breed of men who attract lots of women to themselves. The trend popularly known as the “Nigerian man fantasy” has caught up with many women which translates to the desire to date a Nigerian man has been growing for a couple of years now.

A number of women believe that Nigerian women really know how to pamper women and this makes them so special and makes women crave them. If you are in love with a Nigerian guy who seems to confuse you, you can know for sure whether that Nigerian guy loves you by reading through the signs below:

He Shares Future Plans With You

No Nigerian guy would share vital information with you if you are just a pass-time babe to him. If a Nigerian guy shares his future ambitions with you he definitely sees a future with you.
Nigerian man and his better half
Nigerian man and his better half

His Friends Respect You And Treat You Right

You can easily validate a Nigerian man’s real feelings towards you by observing how his friends treat you. If his friends show that they like you and respect you, it means that you are his main woman or the only woman for him.

He Makes Time For You

If the guy is always there for you when you need him, it means that he really likes you. If he can make time for you out of his tight schedule, it goes without saying that you are his queen charming. As the old saying goes, “No one is really too busy, if it matters they will always make time for it.”

He Introduces You To His Family

If a Nigerian guy introduces you to his family and friends, it goes without saying that you are the lucky cherry. If he seems interested to meet your family as well, it means that he is in for commitment.

Checks Up On You Regularly

If you can barely spend two hours without him calling or messaging you, it means your Nigerian guy has fallen for you deep enough to make you his special person. Other times he may just come to visit your house every day or about three to four times a week. This is a sign that your Nigerian guy loves you, that’s why he finds time to visit you.

Avoids Side Distraction

When you are having a conversation with your guy and you notice that he doesn’t entertain any distractions and dismisses calls and avoids tapping his phone when you are together, it is likely that he really likes you.

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