Laide Bakare denies alleged sexy nudes

(PHOTOS)Yoruba Actress Laide Bakare Breaks Silence On Alleged Sex Tape And Nudes Circulating Online 

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Actress Laide Bakare Denies Rumours Of Alleged Nudes Photos And Sex Tape Circulating online

Yoruba actress Laide Bakare has denied claims that her nude photos and sex video are making rounds on social media.
Laide Bakare photo circulating online
Laide Bakare’s photo circulating online
 Earlier in the week blogger gistlover made a post insisting that Laide sent her nude pics to her lover, who shared them with some people and promised to post the pictures on social media later.
Laide Bakare bikinii-shower leaked photo
Laide Bakare bikini-shower leaked photo
The actress took to Instagram to drop such rumors noting that she was inclined to ignore the story but spoke about it to protect their reputation. She also stated her intention to involve law enforcement to bring the perpetrators of the act to book.
Laide Bakare denies allegations that her nudes are trending online
Gistlover discouraging people from sharing nudes with their partners
In a lengthy post on Instagram, she wrote, “I never have and will never share my
nude pictures with anyone. Not even in my long acting career have I accepted a nude role. I am an actress, movie producer, and role model of international standing with over 2 decades of hard-earned reputation. In defense of this profile and in order not to grant victory to evil-doers, I am now taking steps to bring in law enforcement and cyber security experts in Nigeria and Internationally to get to the root of this malicious act and bring the shameless perpetrators to justice”
(PHOTOS)Yoruba Actress Laide Bakare Breaks Silence On Alleged Sex Tape And Nudes Circulating Online  1 5421

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