TikToker VeryDarkMan Breaks Silence on Leaked Private Video

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Popular Tiktok Public Spokesman, VeryDarkMan’s Penis Made Public


In a wild and wacky showdown that had the internet doing double-takes, the TikTok titan VeryDarkMan found himself caught up in a whirlwind of controversy with none other than Nigeria’s gossip guru, Gistlover. Buckle up, because this feud is a rollercoaster you won’t want to miss!


Picture this: VeryDarkMan, known for his offbeat humour, stirred the pot by insisting that the widow of the late Nigerian crooner, Mohbad, should have a DNA test for her 5-month-old munchkin. It’s safe to say this opinion was about as popular as a pineapple pizza at a pizza party.

This stance didn’t sit well with many Nigerians, including Gistlover, who was on a quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding the singer’s untimely demise and stood firmly by Mohbad’s widow.


Rumour had it that VeryDarkMan was raking in the cash for his speculations, leading to a “show me the money” moment where he dared Gistlover to reveal the receipts.


But Gistlover wasn’t backing down, oh no! They countered with a jaw-dropping move – sharing a sex video of VeryDarkMan in a rather compromising situation via Telegram which spread like wildfire across other social media platforms. In the video, VeryDarkMan was seen stroking his manhood. Plot twist!

Hold onto your hats because VeryDarkMan’s response was straight out of a comedy script. He confessed that he’d actually sold that video himself in the past when life was giving him lemons. Not only that, but he cheekily hinted that he had a treasure trove of similar content, all available at a price tag.


With an uproarious comeback, VeryDarkMan announced his intentions to take the fight back to Gistlover. The internet erupted with laughter and applause for his fearless approach to online drama.


This feud isn’t fading into the sunset anytime soon. VeryDarkMan is on a mission to keep shaking things up, taking on controversial topics like a champ. It’s like watching a high-stakes poker game, where nobody’s bluffing, and the chips are memes.


Stay tuned for more hilarity and high jinks as we follow this entertaining tussle between VeryDarkMan and Gistlover. It’s a virtual brawl like no other, and who knows where this epic battle of wits and memes will lead next! 

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