How To Use Kegel Balls To Boost Your Sex Life 1

How To Use Kegel Balls To Boost Your Sex Life

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What Are kegel Balls?

Love balls also known as jiggle balls or Ben Wa balls are inserted into the vagina to help you locate and target your pelvic floor muscles. If you thought that kegel balls are only used as sex toys, then you are wrong.

Kegel balls play a significant role in strengthening vaginal muscles as well as giving you heightened sexual satisfaction.  Using these balls in the right way is crucial as it helps you get maximum benefits and keeps infections at bay.

What Are The Ways To Use Kegel Balls?

The ways to use kegel balls vary depending on the position in which you insert them. Kegel balls are used in various positions including lying on the back, standing position or on all fours. Dr Reddy explains, “Kegel balls are used for targeted pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation, particularly addressing issues such as stress urinary incontinence and weakened pelvic organ support post-childbirth or during menopause.
Notably, their use can contribute to heightened sexual satisfaction by augmenting vaginal tone and sensitivity, thereby fostering comprehensive sexual wellness. Kegel balls are often integrated as part of a holistic approach to women’s health, effectively managing diverse pelvic floor disorders and promoting overall physical well-being.”

How Do You Prepare Kegel Balls For Insertion?

To get ready to use kegel balls, thoroughly wash them with antibacterial soap and warm water ensuring they are spotlessly clean and they are ready to use. Rinse them and ensure that there’s no lather residue. Apply a considerable amount of water-based lubricant to ensure easy insertion. Proper preparation ensures a comfortable experience.
How To Use Kegel Balls To Boost Your Sex Life 2

Risks Involved in Using Kegel Balls

Kegel balls should be matched with your size. Use the right technique of vaginal insertion and correct weight while using them. Dr Reddy explains that there’s potential muscle strain that comes with overexertion while using kegel balls. Also, if you leave these balls for more than four to six hours, it can lead to potential discomfort and pelvic muscle fatigue.
“Risks with Kegel ball use include potential muscle strain from overexertion, especially if held in for prolonged periods. Leaving them inserted for more than four to six hours can result in pelvic muscle fatigue and potential discomfort. It is crucial to use them as recommended to avoid any adverse effects,” says Dr Reddy.

How Do You Clean and Store Kegel Balls?

Making sure that your kegel balls are clean and stored well is significant to you using them properly. If kegel balls are not cleaned in the right manner it may lead to infection. Wash these balls with warm water and antibacterial soap. After rinsing off the residue, pat them dry with a clean cloth to ensure they dry off completely. Store them in a dry container to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination. Dr Reddy asserts, ” Regular cleaning and proper storage are vital to ensure their safe and hygienic use.”
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