Man who went AWOL shows up with pig to drive away Muslim wife

#SSS: What pig got to do with a drunk man and his wife?

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For better for worse till pork* do us apart

It goes without saying that if you are married then you have to respect your partner’s religious views and wishes before you can dream of living happily thereafter.

After all, on the day, you get married you vow to love and cherish them till death do you apart. On paper, it looks great but the reality on the ground is something. 

Oink! Oink! My beautiful wife here is a plate of pork for you

Happy. (desktopimages)

So what do you do when you want to break up with your partner and they happen to be Muslim?

Semakula Waswa, a 45-year-old man from Bulega Gogonya village in central Uganda’s Wakiso district became the talk of the village after he decided to employ the services of a pig to drive away his wife.

Waswa and his wife Isha Nalubega have reportedly been married for 10 years and together they have 3 children.

He went AWOL before showing up drunk

Waswa, who has been away from home for over one year showed up unannounced over the weekend with a little surprise for his wife. 

Mr. Waswa left his wife and villagers boiling with furry after he brought pork home yet he is aware that his wife is a staunch Muslim and hates pigs with passion.

He bought 4 kilos of pork from a nearby trading centre and went home with 4  drunkards in tow.

Started feasting on roasted pork in the presence of his wife 

A father visited his son only to end up eloping with Mother-In-Law. (desktopimages)

Once he got home. Waswa didn’t waste time preparing his delicacy. He went to the kitchen and started roasting pork on a charcoal stove while enjoying a glass of local brew to the chagrin of this ‘poor’ wife.

”He invited his friends to the kitchen and they started feasting on roasted pork as they drink local gin locally called Nguli.” said Jackson Mutale, the village wife.

Fight breaks out

Unable to contain herself anymore, Nalubega got fed up and move in to pick the pork from the charcoal stove and throw it away.

Drunk Waswa was, however, having none of it and a fight ensued. Humiliated and beaten Nalubega sounded an alarm which attracted villagers who turned up to see what was amiss.

Rounded up and taken to village court before coming clean on his sinister motive

The villagers on seeing Waswa after he went missing for a year, arrested him and subjected him to a village court. During the court session, Waswa came clean on why he had brought pork home. It was established that he wanted to sell the house and he thought that by taking pork home his wife Nalubega would abandon it. 

Waswa was given a tongue lashing and ordered never step into that home again.

#SSS: What pig got to do with a drunk man and his wife? 1 1956

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