How to Excite Your Man With Assplay

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Assplay will not turn your man gay. 5 tips on how to eat his ass

Sexual acts that are thought to be weird or forbidden turn on tons of women. Some of these acts include men’s assplay among many others. A number of straight men are not open to the idea of anal sex and this may require you to entice them into anal stimulation and or penetration. Most tend to think that it might be painful or unhygienic others associate it with homosexuality and for some men, engaging in the act may make them feel vulnerable. Here are tips to pleasure your man and stimulate his p-gland :

Ass licking

This practice also known as an anilingus involves oral pleasuring of the anus and does not include any penetration. You can also try anal rimming which stimulates your partner by running your tongue around their anus so that you can build more sexual anticipation. You can go as far as slipping your tongue into his anus and stimulating his sphincter muscles and see how he responds with pleasure.


In such a scenario all you got to do is fuck your man with a strap-on dildo. It can guarantee double fun and stimulation since the base of the dildo will stimulate your clitoris as well. A double win for both of you!

Inserting random objects

If you are smart enough you will know the myriad objects that can easily go up your man’s tiny hole, then you have mastered this scenario.

Sex toys

If you are shy about shoving your finger up your man’s ass, you can try a sex toy. A hands-free prostate massager with a remote control is good for prostate play.

Fingering your man

Insert your finger into his anus to stimulate his prostrate internally. You will feel this p-spot through his anal canal after entering your finger two inches in and after applying a little pressure when you feel a firm bulb towards the front of his body. You can use the circles and come ‘hither motion’ techniques to stimulate that erogenous zone

Bottom line:

When practicing anal sex, you and your partner need to ensure hygienic practices. Ensure you clean your partner’s anal area thoroughly with soap and water to keep that area clean. Trim the hair on his backside, I’m sure you don’t want to rummage through his forest.
Go slow and easy on your partner’s butt and leave the teeth behind in your mouth when you are exciting him. Keep off serving your partner foods that are likely to fill up so much gas in his stomach or allow him to pop a pill that will stop the gas. The last thing you want to experience is your partner farting in your face.
Remember to take a minute to catch some breath every time you feel like you are giving up or you are suffocating in his ass. Communicate with your partner as you eat him up to understand how he is feeling and whether he enjoys the act. Also, grab his balls gently to add to that extra sensation and enjoyment.

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