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For expats: The Ultimate Guide to Dating a Strong African Babe

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Getting, Fucking, and Keeping an Exotic African Babe is Difficult! Here’s How to Do It Like a Pro

Every African babe was created of brown sugar and warm milk, everyone knows that. Being the sweetest things to bless this world, nobody can resist them, not even white men. You know, dating an African woman comes with many perks. Bagging one is not an easy feat, they are darn selective and they wouldn’t just settle on anything or anyone. Here are tips on how to bag a melanin babe:

Be a man with a vision

When dating an African woman, keep in mind that Africa has got many upheavals. Due to the economic instability in the continent, you will need to prove to her that you have a vision for a better lifestyle and you have a great future ahead of you.

They love tons of money

Dating an African woman is not recommendable for stingy men. Prepare yourself to spend tons of money on this African babe. Giving her money is a sign that you treasure her and want to keep investing in the relationship.

Take the lead

A number of African women are traditional. As such, they believe that men should take the lead when it comes to relationships. If you desire to snag this African babe, be sure to guide the entire dating process.

Love only her

Some African women do not welcome the idea of polygamy. They hence wouldn’t savor the thought of you entertaining other women. Therefore if you desire to maintain a relationship with your African babe,  avoid complimenting other women in her presence. Since African women take dating very seriously dating other women beside her, will hurt them and make them lose her.

Resist being an open book

African babes desire men who are mysterious and enigmatic. Being an open book will kill the fun and make you less desirable to her. To keep her on tenterhooks, don’t reveal everything to her. Keep some information to yourself and be ready to hit her with pleasant surprises. Keep her guessing about your next move and let her fantasize about your future together.

Treat her like a lady!

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Every single woman wants to feel like a queen. For her to feel the same you need to remember that you should be courteous to her, open the doors, and give her your coat when the rain pours. African women love showing off their men especially if they are from the west. Therefore, even as you stroll the streets you can clasp your hands as this will give her an assurance of ownership.

Dressing the occasion

African women desire to flaunt their men every time they want to walk around. Therefore, work on dressing decently but smartly. If you are going to meet her parents don’t sulk when she tells you to do African attire.

Be yourself

African women desire to date a man who is transparent and doesn’t portray to be who he isn’t. Therefore, don’t assume that you will win the African babe by elevating yourself to someone else. She will soon smell the lies and send you packing.

Be optimistic

You know well that having a negative attitude will not keep your relationship moving for you and your African babe. Ignore the rumors and the shade you hear about African women and keep it in mind that your woman is the best of all. So if you are eagerly waiting for your woman to break your heart your relationship is headed for the worst. If you hope for the best, that is what you will actually snag.

Appreciate her cooking

African women understand that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. As such, she may spend tons of her time in her kitchen preparing nice meals for you. African babes understand that food is love and love is food. So, feast on her food ravenously and remember to praise her for her top-notch culinary skills. You can even go ahead of telling her that nobody has ever prepared hearty meals like hers. Consider taking her out to fancy restaurants so that she can sample dishes that she has never eaten

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