How to be safe with escorts during coronavirus pandemic

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You can still hire escorts during coronavirus, but only if you are safe. It is important to know where to hire cheap escorts for sex without putting yourself or others at risk. While escorts offer different types of sex ranging from pussy sex, oral sex, anal sex, boobjob, and handjob, it is important to be cautious during the covid-19 pandemic. The last thing you want is to pick coronavirus from a prostitute, sex escort, call girl or hooker. This article will give you important information to continue enjoying sex during the coronavirus outbreak.

Tip #1. Avoid cheap sex from overcrowded city brothels and spas

Men visit brothels and spas for many reasons, including the possibility to hook up with cheap hookers for sex. Those beautiful girls you see on the city’s best brothels are not immune to coronavirus. You do not know who has gone to visit them, and whether they picked the virus. Anywhere that does not give room for social distancing should be a no-go zone.

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Tip #2: Only visit safe massage parlours

Visiting a massage parlour or spa near you for massage and extras is the most reasonable thing to do if you need quick relief from tension and sexual frustration. Bachelors will have a hand time staying indoors, and you may be tempted to start looking for cheap prostitutes for relief. Ensure that you take precaution when visiting a massage or spa. Hand washing, sanitising your hands and basic hygiene is still a must.

Tip #3: Kissing escorts during coronavirus puts you at risk

kissing during coronavirus

Coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets that come from a cough or sneeze. You can also get or transmit it through sputum, nasal mucus, blood, stool, saliva, urine, and vomit. This means that kissing and oral sex can spread the disease very quickly. In addition, if you have a golden shower fetish, you need to only get it from a regular sex partner who is negative. Do not hire escorts for a golden shower, kissing or other sexual behaviours that could expose you to the virus.

Tip #4: Embrace vaginal sex and anal sex

According to research, it is not possible to transmit coronavirus through pussy or anal sex. This is because the disease is not sexually transmitted. However, you need to ensure that you do not come into contact with the fluids mentioned above.

Tip #5: Video sex and sexting are the safest services you can get from escorts during coronavirus pandemic

Video sex and sexting are now the safest sexual practices to curb the spread of coronavirus. Nairobi escorts and other call girls in major towns across Africa have access to stable internet. Governments have advised people to work from home, and hookers have not been left behind. Find hookers who are offering these services and enjoy quality Whatsapp and mobile sex at the comfort of your home. Others sell videos of themselves masturbating, which can also help you cope during this season.

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