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Don’t beat yourself up, here’s why you didn’t get it up to destroy wet Betty

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Sex is the spice of life.

Making her moan, scream and speak in tongues during sex is every man’s dream.

Thanks to Hollywood flicks and societal expectations men have been conditioned to believe that a man is only a man when he can destroy a woman’s privates with nothing more than his cocky ‘cock’ until she can’t walk properly for days.

Men themselves don’t help it either. They will exaggerate every little sexual conquest and turn it into an action parked X rated clip of how they made her beg and literally left the ‘pussy’ smoking. Listening to them you will be forgiven for thinking they invented sex itself and their little ‘cocks’ are nothing less than smoking guns waiting to pounce of every poor pussy that dares crosses its path.

Come D day and bloody ‘little johnny’ fails to work

Sex is the spice of life. (Saddi Khali Photos)

In this lively and loud discussions, sex is always perfect and ‘little johnny’ always rises to the occasion. No sooner does he gets up than he goes berserk and totally destroys the pussy. And so young men then go about wooing women knowing that they are walking bedroom maestros. The brave ones even let it slip out to *Betty that they will leave her limping for days so she better comes prepared.

Come D day or should I say dick appointment day than all hell breaks loose. The usual gallant ‘little johnny’ that normally gets up with little encouragement suddenly decides to be shy. The bloody cock refuses to work and instead cowers and goes limp. You can feel her anger swelling up and her angry eyes digging at you. Time suddenly stops and a minute feels like an eternity.

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What’s worse, it took you months to finally woo her and even longer for her to finally agree to give you the ‘goods’. To make it worse she’s a catch and got a bangable figure on her. Many nights have you spend thinking of how you will destroy that pussy. Just thinking about her usually gets you rock hard as you imagine what a field day your ‘cock’ will have scratching, pounding, hitting, dipping and destroying that sweet honey pot.

No amount of coercion can get ‘little johnny’ up to destroy wet *Betty

Sex is the spice of life. (Saddi Khali Photos)

No amount of coercion will get ‘little Johnny’ up and even in a desperate attempt to bring it back to life by inching it close to wet dripping *Betty fails big time.

Even more frustrating ‘little Johnny’ can manage to get hard enough for you to strap it only to get soft and flaccid when he is about to enter fast drying and disappointed *Betty.

Why is the devil a liar now? Relax! don’t beat yourself up. It happens even to the best of us at least before we figured it out and yes you don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction so relax.

Welcome to the world of performance anxiety

What your boys forgot to tell you is that sex is also a mental game and your mind has be rock solid too for you to seal the deal. There’s a reason why sex feels so good, and it’s all because of the brain. Before you even have that erection it’s your brain that sends signals to your bloody ‘cock’ through the spinal cord which then sets things in motion.

Therefore your mind needs to be at complete ease for it to concentrate on having sex and getting rock hard. Whatever little insecurity you have, especially for men, will get magnified and make things even worse. 

Sex is the spice of life. (saddikhaliphotos)

What to do in this tense moment

Next time, take a chill pill and try to just relax. Imagine sexing her is the easiest of things and rather than worry yourself sick if you will get her to cloud 9 and limping for days, let it be and just try to enjoy the sex man. There’s no perfect sex so quit frustrating yourself up on creating it. In fact, you will soon come to realize it’s the unplanned and normal sex that ends up turning into fireworks.

Women can chip in and get gallant ‘little Johnny’ up again by being understanding. Sometimes ‘cocks’ do decide to be cocks and develop a mind of their own. Men should also communicate better with their partners so that they don’t feel so pressured during sex.


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