Daddy Owen Gives More Details Of His Rumoured Relationship With Charlene Ruto

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Popular Kenyan musician Daddy Owen has addressed the rumours that are circulating on social media about his alleged relationship with the daughter of Kenya’s President, William Ruto, Charlene Ruto. Rumours about their alleged relationship began when Daddy Owen posted photos of him and Charlene playing basketball a couple of days ago. The photos that circulated on social media aroused suspicion among Netizens. Some social media users suspected that the association between the two was more than a friendly connection.


During an interview with Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray, Owen claimed that he and Charlene are just friends and collaborators. He further explained that they are working on several projects together adding that their relationship is just professional. He asked Netizens to avoid making assumptions about his private life adding that not every association is romantic. He said,

“Not every friendship or association has to be romantic,” Daddy Owen said. “We can be friends, we can work together, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

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Owen further expressed his concern for Ankali Ray saying that he considers him a brother adding that he wouldn’t want him to face serious consequences for revealing sensitive information. He said, “I consider you a brother, and I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble for sharing this information,” Daddy Owen said. “Sometimes it’s better just to let things be.

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