“Ukiachwa Achika” Pritty Vishy Mother’s Advice On Her Breakup With Stevo Simple Boy

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Pritty Vishy has become a household name in the entertainment industry. Recently, she tagged her mother to the course. Since her mother returned to Kenya from abroad, the duo has been using every opportunity to create content for the social media community. Pritty Vishy is also flaunting and using every opportunity to show how much she loves her mother. Recently, they created a YouTube channel to address questions that their fans wanted them to answer.
One of the most popular questions was how the popular content creator’s mother felt when her daughter broke up with her boyfriend, rapper Stevo Simple Boy. In response to the question, Pritty’s mother said that she didn’t have any issue with Stevo Simple Boy. She also urged her daughter to move on with her life since her boyfriend dumped her, adding that she’s still single and isn’t really bothered about it. She said, “I can’t think of anything because it’s part of life. Stevo vile nilimjua coz nimewahi mhost sikuona big deal. Ukiachwa unaachika. Unaona kama mimi niko single and I don’t care,”


Stevo Simple Boy broke up with Pritty Vishy early last year over claims that the latter pushed for sex before marriage and he was not for it. He asked, “I refused to sleep with her, I told her to be a good girl and act maturely so that we could wed. I also told her that we would get there (being intimate) after our wedding but she couldn’t wait. She then decided to leave me saying I am too religious,”

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