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A Tale of Sensual Adrenaline: How I Fucked My Coworker

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Part One: I Let My Coworker Obsession Into My Head


So, there I was, Annie Rection from Nairobi, just scoring myself a shiny new gig at this little office in the heart of the city. It was this wide-open space where a tight-knit, understaffed crew proudly called themselves a “family” – a term that should’ve raised some serious red flags, looking back. Out of the 20 employees, only a handful were straight men, setting the bar pretty low, you know? But hey, there was this guy, let’s go with Mike*. What made him stand out? Well, not much, to be honest! He had a good sense of humour and was on the tall side, but the real kicker was that he happened to share the same office space as me.


I swear, the phenomenon of “office goggles” is legit. People who might seem completely ordinary suddenly become way more attractive when you’re clocking in together every day.

sex with coworker

And there I was in a bit of a situation, crushing hard on a colleague. We kicked off our conversations on social media after work, and what started as casual banter quickly escalated into some mildly flirtatious exchanges. Mike would express his eagerness to hang out or his excitement about seeing me on Monday. But for me, at least at that point, it was strictly an online affair. Did I feel a surge of excitement when he glided past me in the office every morning? Absolutely. But I was determinedly resisting the temptation (and what a temptation it was) to take our after-hours flirtation into the realm of the physical. On the other hand, Mike seemed to have a bit less self-control.


One day, as I observed him sprinting towards our office building behind me, making no attempt to conceal his efforts to catch up as I headed inside, it just hit me. Right then and there, I realized: Mike was done with the games. He was going for the gold (the gold being my fat Taita girl booty). As we engaged in casual small talk outside the elevator, I could sense his gaze entirely fixed on my cleavage, which, I must admit, I had proudly put on display that morning with his attention in mind. As the elevator doors slowly closed behind us and I felt his warm breath on my chest, all that crossed my mind was, “Damn, what have I gotten myself into?”

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Let me tell you, this guy approached me like a lion taking down a gazelle. Even before he planted a kiss on me, his hands were firmly on my waist. Then, he decided to go for a little squeeze of my behind over my jeans. And just when I thought that was bold enough, he slipped his hands up under my shirt. That elevator moved quickly, and Mike was clearly aiming to make the most of those fleeting 20 seconds.


Needless to say, walking into the office right after that was one of the most exhilarating rushes I’ve ever felt. I had this spicy secret I couldn’t let anyone know. 


These rendezvous within the company premises started happening more often. Mike would seek my input on whatever small project he was involved in or would conveniently “need my help” with some crucial task (spoiler alert: he knew how to schedule an Instagram post), and there I went, strolling over to his desk where I perched unnecessarily close, close enough for him to pinpoint exactly where I sprayed my Chanel Gabrielle that morning. As I smiled and laughed at one of his jokes, causing my chest to jiggle with each giggle, I swear I caught a glimpse of his excitement growing.

The whole thrill of sneaking around, engaging in covert conversations over text right under everyone’s noses, stepping into the elevator together in the morning and getting thoroughly defiled (well, as defiled as you can in 20 seconds). Most of all, I relished the knowledge of just how much he craved me and how I entered the office every single day feeling absolutely aroused—now, that’s what I call an edging kink. The sheer tension alone was intoxicating. Picturing what intimacy with Mike might entail had me in a constant state of arousal, and truth be told, I feared reality might not live up to my fantasies. Yet, our brief encounters left me satisfied, and they kept escalating. When we found ourselves alone in the building staircase, he would caress my thighs with his arousal or fondle my nipples, my breasts fully exposed. One day, I even invited his fingers into my pants, just to tease him with how wet he had made me.


Part Two Coming Soon…

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