Blessing Lung'aho Flaunts His New Curvy Bae online 1

Blessing Lung’aho Flaunts His New Curvy Bae online

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Popular local actor Blessing Lungaho is head over heels with another woman after his publicized relationship with actress Jackie Matubia alias Jolene ended.
Lung’aho is reportedly dating a lady known as Irene Mulita. The duo flaunted their love for one another over the weekend since they spent time together at Lake Elementaita.
Irene shared a photo of her in a white bikini chilling with her lover. Clearly, it is evident that the two are now an item since Lung’aho kept referring to her as babe, in a video they shared online. Lung’aho further urged the cameraman to take photos of the duo and capture them in their cosy position.

Jackline Matubia Vs Blessing Lung’aho


Blessing Lung'aho Flaunts His New Curvy Bae online 2
Jackie Matubia and Lung’aho made their relationship public through a short film named ‘Baby Number 2’ in February 2022 when the actress revealed that Lung’aho fathered the unborn child. At the time they featured in the local film, Zora when they played Nana and Madiba. They depicted a ‘struggle for love’ in the film. In April 2022, the lovebirds got engaged in a publicised event
before welcoming their baby girl.
After the duo went public with their relationship, they did everything with each other to prove that their love was real. Two years down the line, Matubia announced to the online community that she was single and fine. She captioned a photo of her with ‘Proud single mother of 2’.
Jacky Matubia accompanied her mystery man to a star-studded event on Tuesday, December 2023. The actress shared a photo of her and the guy on her Instagram story. In a different post, she shared a clip of the two dancing romantically to the song ‘Perfect Design’.She hyped her man’s Public Display of Affection and requested fans to suggest wedding days. She shared, “Does he hold you like this? New man innit. Leteni wedding venue suggestions and your most convenient dates.”
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