What Is The Link Between Nigerian Bald Men And Cheating?

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Why Are Nigerian Bald Men Considered Philanderers?

A rumour has spread on Twitter arousing debate on whether Nigerian bald men are likely to cheat on their wives. A Nigerian man took to the platform to disregard such rumours saying that the behaviours of bald celebrities like Banky W (alleged to have cheated on his wife), 2Baba and Yul Edochie should not be used to stereotype all bald men. He tweeted,

“Kindly disregard the rumour flying around that BALD men cheat. That’s not correct. These three musketeers don’t define us. Thank you. Signed: Management” 

What Is The Link Between Nigerian Bald Men And Cheating? 1
There are several reasons men give for cheating but being bald is not a reason that would cross most people’s minds. According to a 2019 survey done by a hair clinic, “It’s not you it’s my hair loss” is an excuse many men give for cheating on their partners. The reasoning behind bald men cheating is that male baldness is likely to make men feel less attractive therefore when an opportunity to feel more attractive and desirable comes along, they are more likely to snag it as compared to men with full hair on their heads.
In a press release, Pollsters at the Harley Street Hair Clinic stated that on questioning a fifth of the balding men they admitted that they,  “have less sex and feel less attractive to a partner than when they had hair”.
Nadeem Uddin Khan, Clinic Director at Harley Street Hair Clinic, says: “We shouldn’t underestimate the psychological trauma of losing your hair…which is why some men may be driven to overcompensate by having affairs to prove to themselves that they are still desirable.”
In the UK, the average person begins losing hair at the age of 40 with over a third of Britain’s hoping that their partners would do something about their hair loss. Stress in their personal life is the most common reason for hair loss followed by stress due to work. Other factors behind hair loss include diet and illness, menopause, bereavement, sleep deprivation and lack of exercise.
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