International Pride Day: Best Destinations To Enjoy LGBT and Pride Day

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Why is LGBT Pride Day celebrated on June 28?

On June 28th every year, International LGBT Day is celebrated around the world. The day coincides with the anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York, in 1969 which were led by drag queens and transgender activists who started the movement for the liberation of the LGBT collective alongside their rights.

The celebration of pride day began gaining strength internationally. The demonstrations became more massive and diversified as other activities were added to the annual celebrations. During the globalization of LGBT pride celebrations, some cities have become LGBT destinations for the acceptance of sexual diversity. In some cities, the celebrations may last a weekend while others may last even an entire month.


What Is The Importance Of LGBT Pride Day?

International Pride Day is an occasion to celebrate achievements, vindicate fundamental rights as well as commemorate those who died in their fight for LGBT rights. At the moment, only 28 countries internationally recognize gay marriages and 68 countries criminalize the community. In addition to that 12 countries have applied the death penalty to those convicted of maintaining gay relationships.

International pride day celebrations include parties, fairs, floats and other cultural activities in which colour and a vindictive tone reign reminding people that less than about 30 years ago, homosexuals’ rights were violated adding that the groups’ rights were considered a mental illness.

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What Are Some Of The Best Destinations To Enjoy LGBT Day?

Los AngelesĀ andĀ San Francisco

These two cities have the largest offer of LGBT activities in North America. Considered the Mecca of sexual liberation and pop culture the cities have variations and parties during the months of July and June with a variation of activities of different tastes for different audiences.


International LGBT Pride Day celebrations in Amsterdam are celebrated in August. The Netherlands decriminalized homosexual activities and became the first country to legalize gay marriage in the world. Considered one of the most progressive countries worldwide, Amsterdam hosts one of the most popular activities which is the boat parade through the city’s canals.


The city was the host of world pride 2017, which became one of the world’s capitals of the LGBTQ pride celebration. It has the largest parade in the world where millions gather year in and year out in the streets of Madrid In July to enjoy community-related activities, open-air parties and concerts.

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