amazing facts about sperms

Do Sperms Make A Woman Gain Weight? 10 Amazing Facts About Sperms You Should Know 

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Important Facts About Sperms. Number 4 Will Make You Smile

Amazing facts about sperms you should know
Amazing facts about sperms you should know

Sperm is the reproductive male gamete produced by the testicles. A male produces an average of 73 million sperm cells per milliliter of ejaculation. Sperms can live up to five days in a woman’s vagina. In as much as males produce millions of these cells every day, it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg. Here are amazing facts about sperm you should know:

Do Sperms Make a Woman Gain Weight?

Semen is composed of things like enzymes, protein, zinc water, sugar, and sperm. Since it is low in calories and has very little nutritional value, it cannot make someone gain weight if swallowed. Sperms contain several minerals and vitamins including lactic acid, nitrogen, phosphorus, Vitamin B12, and Chlorine.

 Sperms Prevent Tooth Decay 

Toothpaste gives you a sparkling dental formula and prevents tooth decay. Sperms contain vitamins like calcium and zinc which may also help prevent tooth decay.

Sperms Can Give Women A Youthful look

sperms can give a woman a youthful look
sperms can give a woman a youthful look

A sperm mask is full of an antioxidant compound called spermine which can help you gain a youthful look by preventing acne, smoothening the skin as well as reducing wrinkles on your skin to give you healthy skin. 

Sperms Make Women Happy 

According to a study that compared women whose partners wore condoms and those whose partners don’t, women who were exposed to sperm seemed to be less depressed.

Temperature Lowers Sperm Count 

Sperm fluctuates with seasons it is highest during winter months and lowest in summer since heat exposure lowers the sperm count.

Masturbation Doesn’t Lower Sperm Count 

masturbation doesn’t lower sperm count

According to endocrinologist Carrie Wambach, M.D., from Southern California Reproductive Center in Los Angeles says frequent ejaculation can lower sperm volume but if you have a normal sperm count masturbation has no impact.

Pineapples Don’t Necessarily Make Sperm Taste Better 

 Semen contains a naturally occurring sugar, fructose which is responsible for giving it a sweet taste. There’s not a real study to show the connection between the type of food a man eats and the taste of his sperm

Women Can be Allergic To Sperms 

 Although it is rare to be allergic to sperm, women can be allergic thus experiencing inflammation or redness. Wearing a condom during sexual intercourse can reduce the irritation

Sperms Can Be Damaged By Wireless Technology

wireless technology
wireless technology can damage sperms

 Apparently, men should keep laptops away from their laps and mobile phones away from their pockets. In 2012, findings of the Fertility and Sterility study show that laptops connected to the internet through WiFi can damage sperm through a non-thermal effect.

According to scientists, this may be due to radio frequency electromagnetic waves (RF-EMW) as free radicals which cause damage to our cells like sperm leading to cell death, sperm immotility, and lowering integrity of DNA

Lifestyle Choices Can Impact Sperm Health

A 2012 Austrian study published in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology analyzed the sperm of 1683 patients undergoing assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

The study showed that men who take alcohol often have low sperm concentration and motility. It also showed that obese men have low sperm concentration than non-obese and that men who used nicotine have poor sperm motility and morphology as well.

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