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Covid 19 lockdowns leave 97% of women pregnant

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Covid19 lockdown leads to increased pregnancy rates in Uganda

Authorities in Lubya island, Buvuma district in lake Victoria are crying for help over the increased number of women who fell pregnant during the ongoing COVID 19 lockdown.

Quarter of the Island population Kenyan

The island, whose quarter of the population is Kenyan, is a six-hour boat ride from the Gaba landing site in Kampala.

During a press conference, the chairman of the island, Fred Obondo, said that they are overwhelmed by the big number of pregnant women.

Obondo said, ”We recently recorded pregnant women on the island. According to the records, 97 percent of the women on the island are pregnant.”

Insufficient facilities to take care of covid 19 pregnancies

He said that the hospitals on the island lack sufficient staff and drugs to deal with the thousands of pregnant women who flock there every day.

The medical officer in charge of the government hospital on the island, Elizabeth Kayongo said, ”We are overwhelmed by the big number of pregnant women. We have appealed to the government to send us more personnel and drugs.”

Men on the Island firing day and night

A man who spoke to the press, identified by locals as Munywa Mugule said, ”We are showing the women fireworks. We are not giving them breathing space. We are firing day and night.”

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