6 Important Things To Consider Before You End A Relationship 1

6 Important Things To Consider Before You End A Relationship

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Splitting up is a tough decision to make for people who are in a relationship. If you are preparing to break things with your partner and you desire to do it kindly, good news- it’s possible to do it. It doesn’t matter how you go about ending a relationship, it’s almost a guarantee that both of you will experience difficult emotions. However, it’s crucial to be honest when breaking it off with your soon-to-be ex-partner. Here are things┬á to consider before you end a relationship:

Discussing Your Relationship

Be ready to discuss your relationship without pointing a finger at anyone in a bid to be fair and not to have your ex-partner feel like she’s responsible for the intended split. Make sure that you mention the things that you would have changed to improve the relationship.

Avoid Being Petty After The Breakup.

It can seem difficult to break up gracefully if your partner did something that would make you want to leave that relationship like cheating. Being petty includes behaving in a way that you wouldn’t want your partner to behave if they were breaking up with you.

 Remember to be Sensitive, Thoughtful and Compassionate.

You need to recognize that just because you no longer want to be with your partner it doesn’t mean you have to make the situation difficult than it already is.
Even if the idea of breaking up no longer scares you, when you break up you are likely to feel a lot of strong feelings.
You are likely to feel angry, sad or lack emotions. If you are experiencing such feelings and desire to show emotion, you don’t have to hold back.┬áIf you don’t feel any emotions whatsoever don’t force it.
It’s also common to feel grief during a breakup. It doesn’t mean that you have erred by ending the relationship, it just means that the relationship meant a thing to you.
6 Important Things To Consider Before You End A Relationship 2

Think About Your Partner’s Reaction

Do you think the other person might lose their temper or cry? Do you think that they may beg you to change your mind? Think of possible ways to deal with or calm their reaction.

Confide In a Trustworthy Person

If you feel it may help, consider talking things through with a person you can trust. Remember to pick a friend who can keep things private so that you ensure that the person you are breaking up with hears the news firsthand from you not from another party.

What to do After a Breakup

After the breakup, avoid gossiping about your ex or badmouthing them as you wouldn’t want them to do the same.┬áFor some people, it may seem difficult to stay friends with their ex-partners. It can feel painful for them to see their ex with someone new. It takes a while for one to get over rejection or hurt feelings from someone.
Breaking up is daunting and may cause pain. However, if you do it in a respectful way it may turn out to be the best decision in the long run.
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