Dating has never been easy as the internet has made the process even more rife. To describe their romantic involvements, young single people and social media users have special dating terms for their modern dating. Modern daters also have slang that refers to behaviours specific to modern dating. Terms like “orbiting”,  ” fizzling” and breadcrumbing refer to the fickle dating scene. Here are ten modern dating trend terms you should know


This is a dating term that refers to a person who peeps in your life especially if you have unresolved feelings. Such a person pops back into your life without a valid explanation after ghosting you for a long period of time.
They often text you on social media or call you as if everything between the two of you is going well. It can be depressing when the person who ghosts you comes back to your life without resolving the differences both of you had.

2. Breadcrumbing

Breadcrumbing is a Gen-Z dating term that means being fed like breadcrumbs of emotional intimacy while stringing your partner along without committing to them. The intention of breadcrumbing is to enjoy the full benefits and attention of a relationship without really investing in it.


Refers to a dating experience in which an individual mirrors the other’s preferences; likes and dislikes to the point of mirroring them hence leading to loss of individuality.
11 Modern Dating Terms You Should Know In 2024 2

4. Roaching

This refers to maintaining romantic relationships while being in a relationship and keeping it private. This is deceptive behaviour as one does not open up about their other romantic relationships with their existing partner.

5. Benching

This is a dating trend that refers to a partner getting involved in a relationship without committing to a relationship hence exploring other romantic options. Being ‘benched’ refers to being the backup option in a relationship.

6. Cushioning

This is a recent dating trend that involves a partner trying to keep another as a backup option just in case their existing relationship doesn’t work out.

7. Pocketing

This refers to hiding romantic relationships away from family and friends. It means that someone is not comfortable introducing their partner to family and friends. It simply implies that ‘they keep them in the pocket’ as a secret.

8. Sober dating

Sober dating, a growing dating trend involves mindful dating practices. It implies cultivating a healthy relationship without planning meetups over alcohol and choosing a healthier lifestyle choice instead.

9. Orbiting

Orbiting is a toxic trait that involves observing and stalking social media profiles and online posts of an ex-partner even after the relationship is over.

10. Affordating

This dating practice is a budget-friendly approach that involves considering the financial aspects before dating. It is an approach where both partners resist splurging loads of cash and settle for a cost-effective way of dating.

11. Fizzling

This refers to the act of gradual decline in interaction and personal interest in a relationship. Partners involved in the relationship are uncertain about their relationship after a period of dating and no longer feel emotionally attached or connected.