LGBTQ Movies in 2023

5 Top LGBTQ Movies To Watch in 2023

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Look Out For These  Freaky Gay Movies In 2023

Good news to you all: some of the freakiest LGBTQ movies of 2023 came out days even before the new year. It’s hard to tell how this new year will span out because half of the movies don’t have an actual release date.

Top LGBTQ movies in 2023
Top LGBTQ movies in 2023

Don’t sweat though, be it a queer comedy or horror, there’s an LGBTQ film coming out this year and you need to be on the lookout. Here are some of the movies that most observers are expecting to be released this year :


If you have an insatiable appetite for queer revenge stories, this movie is for you. Femme is co-directed and written by Ng Choon Ping. It follows drag performer Jules plotting revenge against Preston who attacked him after spotting Preston in a gay sauna…

My Animal-TMD 

top LGBTQ movies in 2023
top LGBTQ movies in 2023

This film tells the story of a town girl Heather (Menuez) who tracks a budding romance with social outcast Sternberg and has to stay indoors every full moon.

Bottoms TMD 

This comedy stars Ayo Edebiri and  Rachel Sennott following two queer girls who fight in a club to impress and hook up with cheerleaders. If you delight in energy queer-themed teen comedies this is just what you should go for.


This move follows Eileen as she becomes absolutely enamored with the director of education for a local prison;  Rebecca saint. The official release date for this movie has not been announced but we are expecting to watch it in 2023.

Knock at the Cabin – February 3 

This film tells the story of Jonathan Groff and Ben Aldridge; a gay couple who grapple with an ultimatum: they either sacrifice somebody or their world will end. This movie will generate discussion as it grapples with themes that surround queer family building.

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