Lynda Nyangweso

Radio Siren Lynda Nyangweso Finally Comes Out As Bisexual Despite Being Married

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Lynda Nyangweso Says She’s Queer, Fights For LGBTQIA Rights

A few weeks after the LGBTQ debate hit the country, radio queen Lynda  Nyangweso who is married has come out as queer. On her Instagram page, the radio girl revealed that she took time before she came out as queer.
Lynda Nyangweso is queer despite being married
Lynda Nyangweso is queer despite being married
“As a bisexual woman, I’ve never really had to ‘come out’ because I am married to a man but this isn’t the time to mince words. LGBTQIA rights are human rights. I’ll say that again. LGBTQIA rights are human rights. No, if ands or buts,
Linda revealed her sexual identity as she championed Uganda’s LGBTQ rights after their parliament passed a bill that states members who join the group risk up to 20 years of imprisonment. She captioned a picture of Ugandands LGBTQ activists with,
Linda Nyangweso
Lynda Nyangweso
” Seeing what is happening in Uganda should worry us here in Kenya. LGBTQIA rights are already so compromised and it is naive to think that one of the only hateful agendas that unite government and opposition won’t mean legislated hate here.”

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