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Sexy Tape Saga: Yhemo Lee breaks Up With Tayo Over Leaked Private Tape

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Yhemo Lee Breakups With Girlfriend Over Cheating Allegations And Leaked Nudes

Nigerian socialite Yhemo Lee has become a topic for discussion on social media for his involvement with numerous women. Recently, he caused a stir on social media for breaking up with his girlfriend Tayo in favour of his side chic. It is alleged that their relationship had reached the bottom after both were unfaithful to each other and Yhemo had been seen with numerous women severally.

Allegedly, YhemoLee broke up with Tayo after she found her friend’s sexy nude photos and tapes on his phone. It is reported that the singer caught his girlfriend cheating on him and coming out of a hotel room at 5:00 AM.

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Yhemo Lee
Yhemo Lee

Tayo’s friend however came to her rescue as she revealed how Yhemo Lee obtained nude photos of his girlfriend’s friend. Tayo’s friend allegedly sent the photos to Yhemo Lee despite knowing that the latter was married. It is alleged that Yhemolee received the photos with his face beaming with smiles and did not bother cautioning or reporting to his girlfriend. Tayo found out what was happening and after failed attempts to make the relationship work, their relationship hit the rocks. Tayo’s friend took to social media to show how agitated she was. She posted,

“The fact that my guy is filthy rich doesn’t mean I should act so stupid or act dumb to all his mistakes. I will let you know. To hell with you and your money if you are not ready to take corrections. My close friend kept sending you nudes and you didn’t tell me your gf anything about it but instead, you like it and keep wanting more. Y’all calling Tayo dumb ’cause she broke up with Yhemoleee are so foolish and crazy. Tayo caught Yhemo Lee with all those nonsense acts. And he felt too big to apologize for eeeewww. What a smelling attitude from him. You claim you love her but you can’t apologize to her? Is that love? Abeg abeg.”

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