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Tiktoker Nyako Reveals She Was Once A Prostitute,Regrets Fucking White Men

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Tiktok Sensation Nyako Reveals Details About Her Dark Past

Popular Tiktoker Rose Atieno popularly known as Nyako landed in Kenya over the weekend as most of her fans took to the airport to welcome her. Nyako landed in the country to appreciate her fans for their immense support as well as to meet them face to face.
Apparently, her popular Tiktok name, Nyako was given to her on the streets by her colleagues when she used to be a prostitute. Nyako did not shy away from revealing to her fans that she was once a prostitute adding that her past life made her the woman she is today. In an interview with Vincent Mboya, Nyako revealed,
“.  Nyako came from the streets. I used to be a prostitute. That is where the name came from, From the ‘Njeri’s’ they gave me that name…I cannot run away from my past, I can only change what I am now, but my past made me who I am..”
In a past interview on 2mbili TV the Tiktok sensation revealed that she has slept with many white men, a thing she regrets doing. She said, “Anything I regret is giving my nyash to so many white men. I don’t really know how many men I have slept with so far. The biggest number I have slept with was Wazungus. Many white men used to queue for shots. I think that was my greatest regret.” 
Nyako emphasized that her focus is on the future and acknowledged that all her past experiences have shaped her into the person she is today. In a recent Tiktok video, Nyako encouraged women to consider alternative jobs instead of engaging in prostitution.

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