{Uganda} Teacher and Students Fight Over a Girl

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Heartbreak High: Students and Teacher Face Off in Love War!

At Kapkwata secondary school in norther Uganda district of Kween a fierce fight erupted inside a classroom, involving a teacher and a group of students, all sparked by a love affair.

According to SabinyToday, the incident, which unfolded on Monday morning, left the local community in disbelief and forced nearby traders to shut down their businesses temporarily.

The tumultuous situation reportedly began with a love affair between a student and a female student.The teacher, Nathan Chelimo, also had interest in the same girl.

The tension escalated when the teacher confronted the student in classroom and severely punished him and some of his friends.

This led to the boy and his friends to go wild. According to witnesses fighting ensued between the students and the teacher. It involved a physical altercation, including kicks and punches.

The commotion attracted the attention of police officers who responded to the scene, alerted by the noise emanating from the school.

The teacher and seventeen students involved in the altercation were subsequently arrested and are being detained at the local police station pending a thorough police investigation into the matter.

This unfortunate incident has raised concerns among parents, students, and the community at large.

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