Pepsicola Used by Women in Uganda to Reduce Size of Vaginas

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PepsiCola or ‘PussyCola’ Used in Uganda to Reduce Size of Vaginas

The vagina does not become permanently loose from penetrating sex. This notion is false from a medical standpoint and detrimental, and is aimed at shaming individuals for having more than one partner. This is according to

However, a group of Women in Uganda, especially those involved in commercial sex have resorted to use PepsiCola to reduce the size of their vaginas.

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According to one of them, name withheld, washing the vagina with PepsiCola reduces the size of the vagina.

She said,”Married women who go with other men wash their private parts with Pepsicola so that their husbands do not suspect them being fucked by other men.”

She said that sex workers who are fucked by many men also use it to reduce the size of over fucked vaginas.

Clare Nalu, a sex worker in eastern Uganda town of Jinja said that many of them use Pepsicola to wash their vaginas especially when they feel they have become overstretched due to over fucking.

She said,”We sleep with many men.On a good day I can be fucked by 5 to 7 men.The vagina,although it is elastic,when over fucked it becomes big.”

She said most men do not want to fuck huge vaginas and that is the reason why they use the stuff to reduce the size of their vaginas.

A woman only identified as Esther, said that whenever she is fucked by other men she washes her vagina with Pepsicola and at times even the husband appreciates that she is tight.

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