How much do Lusaka hookers charge?

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Lusaka, Zambia, has many sex hotspots. Anybody strolling the streets will easily hook up on the streets for a penny.

Zambia escorts

This is especially for the broke but horny dude who is afraid of booking exotic escorts for a whole weekend.

  • Winka (Chibolya) -K5 to K15
  • Katete (chawama)- K10 to K20
  • Kabs mall (Kabulonga) K80 to K100
  • East point (Kabwata) K50 to K100
  • Mukupa ( city market) -K10 to K20
  • Nothmead K100 to K200
  • Mayela (Kalingalinga) K50 to K100
  • Manfred (Chibolya) K10 to K50
  • Chitukuko ( Kanyama) K30 to K50
  • mahopo K10- K20
  • Longacres K100 to K200
  • Tafela Nsoni (Kanyama) K30 to K80
  • Club 99 ( Kanyama) K50 to K100
  • Clans (Kabwata) K20 to K50
  • CC Nightclub (Chawama) K10- K50
  • George Compound K50 to K70

Have you met any lady of the night at these spots? Share your experience in the comments box.


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