4 Sure-Fire Signs You Are In A Hobosexual Relationship

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The Urban Dictionary describes a hobosexual relationship as one that is based on need rather than love.

An Example Of A Hobosexual Relationship

Jane doesn’t have an ideal place to live while John has a nice and functional place that Jane sees herself living in. The duo is not in a relationship. Jane pursues a relationship with John not based on love but on the need for a decent place to live.

The Relationship Moves Quite Fast

Any person who is serious about pursuing a serious relationship with you won’t need to rush the relationship. They will take time to get their life together so as to build a life with you.

They Are Always “in-between”

You should be concerned about people whose employment situation is shaky, whose last known place of residence was at a friend’s couch and who don’t have a habit of being single. Be concerned about people who consistently say that they are in between partners, in between jobs and in between apartments.

Both Of You Drift Into Cohabitation

Moving in together with your partner is a huge step that requires a serious conversation. If your partner moves into your house because they have nowhere to go, you should consider that as a red flag.

Your Partner Doesn’t Know When To Leave Your House

Space is a requirement in any relationship, especially in the early stages of dating. If your man is continuously spending the night at your place and doesn’t allow you to enjoy your alone time in the space you pay your rent, you should consider that a red flag. A man with his space will be willing to give you your space since he also has his own. If you are having a difficult time kicking him out of your house it is probably because he has nowhere to go and you should consider that as a red flag.
Don’t tell your partner that you live alone or that you own your own home, better still you can tell them that you are a hobosexual and you’ll see them run. Before you bring them to your home, make sure you have at least three dates out and about, also make sure you go to their home first as you’ll know who you are working with. If you decide to go the hobosexual route, well and good just make sure your partner does some cooking, and housework and gives you good sex too.

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