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South African Musician Queen Lolly Slapped With Lawsuit After Claiming That She Slept With Musa Mseleku

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Upcoming Musician Queen Lolly Alleges That She Has Slept With Big Names Like Teko Modise and AKA

South African upcoming musician Queen Lolly has been slapped with a lawsuit after making claims that she has been sleeping with Musa Mseleku. She made these sentiments during a podcast dubbed “Omakhwapheni” with blogger Musa Khwaluwa.
Musician queen Lolly
Musician queen Lolly
During the interview, she played a video of two people having sex insinuating that the two people in question were her and Mseleku although she refused to show the interviewer the video.
Lolly had made claims earlier on that she has slept with big names in the entertainment industry including Big Zulu, Teko Modise, Vuzi Nova, and AKA.
Queen Lolly made claims that she has slept with big names like Big Zulu
Queen Lolly made claims that she has slept with big names like Big Zulu
After the interview, blogger Khawula took to his YouTube channel and called out Lolly for being a liar. He said,
” I hope they didn’t cut my part because I said what I said. That bitch lied. Queen Lolly, you lied. You wasted my time, wasted my effort. I don’t even think you deserve an interview any time soon.”
Lolly has been the talk of the town after the incident and may have achieved her aim of trending on social media, she has however been served with a lawsuit for defamation.

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