How to enjoy Tanzania's nightlife

How to enjoy Tanzania’s nightlife

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After exploring the nature, landmarks and wildlife in Tanzania, there is another side to this country that you will enjoy and that is the nightlife. The cities in Tanzania, especially Dar es Salaam, come to life at night with music that will keeps you on your feet all night long until dawn.

are some of a few places you will enjoy visiting:

High spirit lounge bar

Located in Dar es Salaam on the 11th floor of the building IT mall. The Dj plays both African music including bongo, afro-pop and western music among others. It operates every day apart from Monday and normally opens for 24 hours. There is good security and one can enjoy a romantic evening with an ocean view to create the perfect romantic ambience.

The waterfront sunset restaurant and beach bar

Located in Dar es Salaam along Slipway road, this establishment that operates from midday to midnight is a perfect place to enjoy your night. There is amazing finger-licking seafood as well as perfectly made cocktails while a Dj plays music mostly RnB and Reggae on the weekend. There is a happy hour from 5 to 7 pm for 10,000 Tz shillings. Enjoy the ambience of this place with an ocean view and a sunset view during the evenings.

The show leopard

If you are a sports fan and there is a match you would like to watch with people who share the same passion as you then look no further than the Show Leopard in Dar es Salaam at Chole road. It leans more to the male gender because of their love for sports. It is the best place to watch football and rugby matches while having a glass of craft beer, eyes glued to the huge flat screen tv.

When there is no match, there is music playing in the background. On Thursday, there is a slow session where musicians perform live creating a great ambience. There is also food especially their burgers that you can eat and it also caters to vegetarians.

You will need roughly 2000 Tz shillings for two people. The place is open from 6 am to 11 pm every day.

Level 8

Located in Dar es Salaam in 24, Kivukoni Front Hyatt, this establishment offers a chill ambience perfect for a romantic dinner. It is on the rooftop of Hyatt Regency and gives you a view of the harbour. The seating area allows for a private moment between two people, making it ideal for lovers. The place is known for its amazing cocktails. It operates until 11 pm every day but is open to non-residents of the hotel from 5 pm.


Located in Dar es Salaam, this establishment is a restaurant and nightclub. This restaurant offers Mediterranean and Indian cuisines while the nightclub offers tasty cocktails. The club is generally quiet during weekdays but once the weekend comes, the Dj turns up the music. The establishment opens from 6 pm to 4 am every day and two people could spend 2500 Tz shillings.

Sauti za Busara festival

Sound of wisdom is the English translation of Sauti za Busara. It is held every February in Zanzibar. It is ideally four days of enjoying the best of African music. Apart from enjoying the music, there are parades and carnivals on the island. It has a session dedicated to Swahili and African music. You will love this music as it stems from the rich cultural heritage of Africans and people of the diaspora.

Zanzibar International Film festival

This is the largest film and arts festival in East Africa. It was previously called the festival of dhow countries. It happens every year in Zanzibar at the Old Fort for two weeks in early June. The festival showcases accepted applications from filmmakers across the world from Pakistan, South East Asia, Iran, Peninsula Gulf, Indian Ocean countries and the Arabian Peninsula. 

There are different genres of film that are showcased for both competitive and non-competitive reasons. However, the main theme is centered around problems dhow countries face. The competitive films stand a chance to win Silver and Gold Dhow awards. 

Not only will you enjoy watching films like documentaries and music videos but also music from Tanzania and international artists as well as workshops, dance performances and exhibitions. 

Bagamoyo arts festival

This festival sponsored by the ‘Chuo cha Sanaa or the Bagamoyo College of arts is held every October in Bagamoyo. The performances include; acrobatics, poetry reading, traditional dances and drama acts, sculptor exhibitions among others. Visitors can also join in and perform during this festival. The sole purpose of this festival is to promote East Africa’s sculptors, artists, craftsmen and theatre groups.


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