3 Surefire Ways How Married Men Can Bring Intimacy Into Marriage Again

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How Can Married Men Bring Intimacy Back Into Marriage?

A number of married men go for long periods without getting intimate with their partners or wives. They in turn resort to “solving” the problem by paying their time and money to prostitutes who don’t give them intimacy while they could use the money and energy on their wives and rekindle the magic with their partners. Men are adept at complaining about their wives, especially if their women have a low sex drive.

Men ought to understand that women can go for long periods without sex since they don’t need sex as often as men do. Men should therefore stop worrying much about a woman’s sex drive rather than concentrate on getting her into it. There are many ways how men can bring back intimacy into their marriage. Here are three surefire ways how men can bring intimacy into their marriage again:

Get Touchy With Your Woman

Studies show that touch wields influence and power. Further research shows that touch also creates feelings of attraction in both men and women. Touch also builds attraction making a woman’s heart beat faster and increases feelings of desire. You can start by touching your woman daily to bring the intimacy back. Start by touching her shoulders, and stroking her hair when passing her. If you are sitting next to her, you can even reach out for her thigh and let your hands linger on her thighs.

Participate In Activities That Build Intimacy

Appreciating beauty with your partner feeds satisfying marriages and partnerships. Consider activities like viewing art together or enjoying the sunset together. You can also take dancing together as it can return the magic between couples. It is not surprising that most people go for sex in nightclubs for one night. Sex movements of sexily dressed women and flickering disco lights are likely to turn most people on.

It is a no-brainer that most relationships formed in nightclubs are not always based on love but on carnal attraction. Since dance is like making love to music, taking up dancing will teach partners to lead and follow; to attune to each other. Being an art that both dancers create, it makes both partners happy and satisfied.

Buy Your Lady Little Inexpensive Things

If you want to bring the intimacy between you and your partner back, you can do it by buying her little gifts. You can buy her candles, flowers or chocolate; little daily things that she may appreciate. The little gifts are likely to make a significant impact especially if they are spontaneous- out of the blue and are not conditioned by holidays or special days. Small acts of service like making your wife breakfast or spreading the bed may also have the same impact on rekindling the spark again.

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