Leaked Audio Of Mr. Ibu Reportedly Sleeping With Adopted Daughter Jasmine Surfaces Online

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A leaked audio recording of Nollywood actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu has surfaced online. In the audio, Mr. Ibu reportedly confirmed that he dated and also slept with his adopted daughter, Jasmine, but later stopped when he caught her sleeping with his son. The audio captured the voice supposedly belonging to Mr. Ibu and of another lady evidently conversing while in a car.
The language of the conversation was in Igbo and the actor confirmed that he slept with his adopted daughter, Jasmine who began gaining fame online after posing as “Mr. Ibu’s daughter”. Mr. Ibu also confessed that his son slept with Jasmine adding that he wouldn’t touch her again after that occurrence.

Jasmine also reacted to the allegations making rounds. Her American estranged husband confirmed the allegations noting that he also caught his estranged wife in the same room with the actor’s son. She shared a hospital video of herself caring for the actor and captioned it with, ” As long as you are getting better, nothing else matters. I remain silent until you are back on your feet again! Cheers.”
These allegations happened after VeryDarkMan alleged that Mr Ibu’s wife had been pushing for the wife to be given money from Ibu’s donations in a bid to purchase a new iPhone and get BBL done. However, Stella reacted to Darkman’s allegations in a lengthy note on Instagram and described them as untrue, insensitive and baseless.

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