Kusakata Rhumba and other signs that she has a mubaba

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Ten sure sings she is dating a mubaba 

Kenyan women on poverty-escape missions who desire a soft life have resorted to finding a mubaba with the narrative that they are baby girls. They hence have to vumilia the big papa pumpings because they savor the taste of holiday trips to Paris and Dubz. The sponyo culture has become the trend with many claiming that age is just a number when it comes to dating. Baby girls who date sponyos are noticeable at a glance. They cannot match those who date ordinary Kevos and Brayos . Here are tell-tale signs that a gal toto is dating a mubaba:

She trashes you

If she does not give you any respect whatsoever yet you have cuffed her, bro, she belongs to the streets. Drop her where you collected her first then you can thank me later. A woman who loves her man will not trash him even if his wallet is empty and has cobwebs.

If she loans you dough

If she loans you cash yet she does not have a well-paying job or business and cannot account for the tons of money she got, she has a sponyo. Sorry if you thought you have angukiad a miss independent baby girl.

Flashy lifestyle

If she is in and out of different continents for holidays yet does not have money to finance that kind of lifestyle, you got played. If she tells you that she is always on business trips and yet doesn’t have a job, do not buy that lie otherwise shall receive whips.



 Uncle wa majuu chronicles

If she narrates to you about yule uncle anafanya kazi kwa jeshi, who buys her expensive gifts and takes her out to lunch every Friday, she is definitely telling you about her sponyo. Chances are you may never meet that Anko because he is usually very ‚Äúbusy‚ÄĚ yet free to meet a gal toto for endless dates.¬†

 Kusakata Rhumba

If you notice that her choice of music has changed from Blues to Rhumba songs, it’s time you asked yourself numerous queries. If she can sing Fally Ipupas songs word for word and never tires of going for Rhumba nights and Mugithi nights, word is that Mubaba is overworking.¬†

Prefers Njahe and mukimo

If she is a sweet twenty-two who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, don’t let that slide. If she is good at ‘kimming’ njahe, mukimo, and boiled potatoes, boy you better run for your life. Let her not give you narratives about healthy eating and the effects za cholesterol. She’s just practicing how to cook her sponyo’s favorite meals, in your kitchen!¬†

 Runs errands on heavy machines

¬†If she is roaming town or running errands in heavy machines yet doesn’t own a heavy machine and can’t afford to hire one, mubabaz is overworking. If she shares pics of her in¬† German machines and hides the face of her chauffeur, just make peace with the fact that she’s dating a mubaba.

Sinks deep with convo

If she doesn’t do ‘cheap talk’ at twenty-one that’s a big sign that she’s dealing with an ancestor. If her conversations suddenly shift from movies, and memes zile kali to profitable businesses to run in the city, ‘Queendom’ vibes, and building an empire, baby girl is doing a mubaba!

She condemns “Boys “

Girls who date wababa condemn men of their age. You may hear them call them “immature” boys and say that don’t think on the “same line”. The thing is, they resent the so-called boys because of a number of them hawana kakitu. Whoever said, that money talks, didn’t lie to us at all.

Puts a tag on her worth

A real woman knows that she’s far much worth than gold and riches. She understands that the best things in life are definitely for free! That is not to mean that women don’t deserve lunch dates at posh hotels or a bouquet of flowers. The babes with wababas will often claim, I know my worth! If someone can’t buy me IPhone **** for my birthday he doesn’t deserve me! If she keeps knowing her worth way too much, she’s a mubabaz addict.

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