(VIDEO) Nigerian Masseur Joyce Ijeoma Collapses As She Tries Breaking Guinness World Record for Longest Massage

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Nigerian Woman Hoping To Break Guinness World Record For Longest Massage On Different People Faints

A Nigerian masseur, Joyce Ijeoma who declared her interest to start a 72-hours massage on individuals in Lagos State has collapsed. She had earlier revealed that she was interested in making Guinness World Record in a video that has since gone viral. In the 30-second video, Joyce revealed that she had done more than eighteen hours of massage as she prepared for her record-breaking streak. At the time of filing the report, Hilda Baci had fainted during an event in the Lekki area of Lagos State, she stopped the live coverage and was yet to go back to the venue. Having done a total of fifty hours, Ijeoma collapsed on Tuesday at 1 a.m.

Joyce had looked forward to breaking Alastair Galpin’s record known for the longest full-body massage which she held for  25 hours and 4 minutes in South Kalimantan, Indonesia in November 2015. Nigerians have broken several marathons including cooking, sex and prayer marathons. Hilda Baci recently broke the longest cooking marathon record for about 94 hours, and now  Nigerians are following in her footsteps.


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In an Instagram post, Joyce invited well-wishers to support her endeavours in Lagos. She expressed her gratitude towards the presence and support of attendees asking them to come along with their family and friends. According to an accompanying video, Joyce has already finished twenty-two hours of the seventy-two hours massage marathon.

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