Former NBA Player Joe Smith Discovers Wife’s Only Fans Account, Bedroom Video Leaks

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Former NBA Player Joe Smith’s Wife, Kisha Chavis realized that his wife, Kisha Davis owns an Only Fans account. On expressing his disgust, Kisha Davis asserted “It’s my body” Kisha further defended herself by claiming that she’s not involved with anyone on the account but herself and asserted,” It’s my body, my choice “
Joe Smith on the other hand interjected, “I am your husband, and you should communicate with me.” Kisha also explained that she previously asked Joe questions that he didn’t provide answers for further leaving her with no other option but to take action. “Joe I’ve been talking to you about mad things, I’ve been asking for solutions to s**t and you’re not giving none so I created one.”
Kisha claimed that she joined OnlyFans to get some extra money since her several jobs were not facilitating enough.

It’s unclear where the nude video was shared and how Smith discovered his wife’s Only Fans account. Smith, earned $ 61 Million during his 16-year career and opened up about living paycheck to paycheck. The former player revealed that he pocketed about 18 million dollars over the course of his career.
He spent three seasons with Golden State prior to bouncing around the league and landing with the Pistons, Nuggets, Timberwolves and Hawks.

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