A Comprehensive List Of Sexualities You Should Know in 2024 1

A Comprehensive List Of Sexualities You Should Know in 2024

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Since people have continued to open up about themselves, we have a better understanding of sexuality since that knowledge only continues to grow.

What is Sexuality?

Sexuality is quite different from gender identity or sex. Sexual orientation is a term that covers people’s attraction or lack thereof. Sometimes, it includes emotional and romantic feelings and romantic orientations sometimes deal with the romantic interests in a person.

Types of Sexualities You Should Know In 2024


It means a person who experiences any kind of sexual attraction therefore it covers sexualities that don’t fall under asexuality.


An abrosexual person is one with fluid sexuality; one whose sexuality changes throughout their life. A variety of romantic and sexual feelings over a period of time are very common. For an abrosexual person, these periods of change happen quickly and with different intensities.

A Comprehensive List Of Sexualities You Should Know in 2024 2


For a pomosexual, their sexuality doesn’t fit into a particular category. Such people reject labels around their orientation entirely. Such people feel attraction but don’t elaborate on how, how often and to whom.


Such people used to be termed as “skoliosexual”. They can also be non-binary or trans. This term refers to people who are attracted to folks who are non-binary, transgender and not cisgender.


This category falls under people who want a sexual relationship with a person or people but experience little to no attraction. Such people may enjoy the experience of sex without necessarily being attracted to anyone. Tanya M. Bass, PhD, sexologist, tells Cosmo, ” An asexual person simply doesn’t feel asexual attraction, but may have sex for a host of reasons, including the physical pleasure of sex or the pleasure of their partner(s).”


An autosexual person is sexually attracted to themselves ( it is wrongly confused with narcissism which is characterized by a lack of empathy and need for adultation) Megwyn White, director of education for satisfyer says, ” People who are autosexual are able to have relationships with others but prefer sex with themselves.”
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