How Ramaphosa Turned A 29-Year-Old Woman Into His Pornstar 1

How Ramaphosa Turned A 29-Year-Old Woman Into His Pornstar

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Details About How Ramaphosa Turned Natasha Theledi Into His Pornstar

Leaked emails have revealed how Ramaphosa turned a 29-year-old woman into his personal pornstar. The Deputy President met the young woman in 2012 during an expo while she was pregnant with another man’s child.

How Ramaphosa Turned A 29-Year-Old Woman Into His Pornstar 2

The leaked details show how Ramaphosa used his vast wealth to win the 29-year-old lady’s heart and broke the relationship between her and the father’s child. The leaked emails show how Theledi advised Ramaphosa about her ovulation dates as the two planned to have a baby together. Some videos show how Theledi took fertility injections as she was desperate to have a baby with Ramaphosa.

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Bank records show how Ramaphosa used much money to maintain her lifestyle in exchange for sex, erotic photos and intimate videos. Emails show that Theledi was receiving R25000 every month from Ramaphosa.


In an email dated 9 July 2014, Theledi wrote: “Baby I’m still renting, hopefully, we can change this in future, in the interim I please ask you to assist me with settling down as I have no furniture where I am.”

In an email on 28 December 2015, Ramaphosa writes: “Hi Baby. Thank you for your message. I hope you had a great Xmas and that you will have a wonderful year ahead. By the way, you are a “Baby”. I’m not a baby. I’m Baba to you.”

Natasha Theledi
Natasha Theledi

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Theledi responded to the email two days later: “Hi Baba. I’m well thanks. Laugh out loud yes you are 110% correct. You are my Baba.” In all her correspondence and videos sent to Ramaphosa following Ramaphosa’s instruction, Theledi addressed Ramaphosa as Baba. In one of the videos sent to Ramaphosa, Theledi can be seen lying naked on her bed inserting a dildo in her vagina and saying: “Ndinyobe Baba, ngichamele phakathi.” (F**k me Baba, come inside me).

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