Shamim Mutesi’s Nude Video Goes Viral

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Teenager Shamim Mutesi Strips In Nude Video

Some ladies have to learn how to deal with the danger of sending nude videos online in the name of love because it may hit back in a way that they don’t expect.

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A young lady who decided to go that way ended up trending on social media after her nude videos went viral. A jealous ex-boyfriend leaked her nudes after a bitter split.

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The lady known as Shamim Mutesi had her nudes leaked after she failed to raise a large sum of money for him in case of blackmail.

The man behind sharing the nude video is said to be a businessman who deals with clothes in Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

Shamim is a Campus teen in Uganda who is used to sending her lover sex videos to arouse him and have her lover come over and give her some nice fucking.

In her sexy video that is trending online, Mutesi is seen stripping naked as she giggles naughtily. Shamim shows off her boobs and sweet-looking and wet pussy.

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