Face of Beauty Nigeria Scandal: CEO’s Husband Leaves Her in Dire Straits

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Face of beauty Nigeria CEO’s husband leaves her broke and helpless

When they say, ‘Marry a kind partner,’ the story I’m about to share exemplifies why it’s such crucial advice.


Nigerians were left astounded when the founder of ‘Face of Beauty Nigeria’, Patience Egbor took to the internet to pour out her heart and appeal for help. In a heartfelt video, she revealed that she was self-sufficient and successful, making millions on her own  before she married her husband who happened to be her course mate in university and was even taking care of their home.


However, the tides shifted dramatically once they were married. Her husband, whom she believed to be the love of her life, pressured her into selling her car she got in her name and relocating to a new city, leaving her thriving business behind with nothing to her name.


But hold on, the story gets even more shocking. Despite all of this, she decided to stand by her husband, convinced it was the right thing to do, guided by the principles she held dear.


Then came the ultimate betrayal. Her husband informed her via a cold text message that he was leaving her, declaring that their marriage had been over for years. This left her in a dire situation, jobless, with two young children under the age of five. Life became a relentless struggle. She had to borrow to feed her children and sometimes resorted to pleading with her estranged husband for financial assistance. His sporadic responses of just a meager sum of 2k sent just enough to keep them afloat.

What drove her to swallow her pride and reach out for help was the eviction notice she received from her landlord. It was a choice between calling for help or facing the grim reality of taking to the streets with her children.


This story raises a fundamental question: Can a man truly be so heartless as to abandon his family in such a manner? In everything you do, remember the importance of marrying someone with kindness and empathy.


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