Man Fined 40,000 UG Shillings for Wetting Bed by Using Kachabali Style 1

Man Fined 40,000 UG Shillings for Wetting Bed by Using Kachabali Style

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Man Fined 40,000 UGX for Getting His Sex Worker to Squirt using Kachabali Style

45 year old businessman, Matiya Mugisha got fined after the management of the lodge he spent a night with a Rwandan sex worker caught up with his messy encounter.

Matiya Mugisha who deals in buying and selling cattle in Uganda’s capital Kampala spent a night in Mayob inn in western Uganda city of Mbarara. He had left Kampala in the afternoon and was traveling to Ibanda district to buy cattle the following morning. Ibanda District is 25 kms away from Mbarara.

According to Mugisha, at night he looked for a Rwandan sex workers online to enjoy with her over the night. He picked one from Vision Empire club. 

Mbarara city is renown for hosting many Rwandan sex workers because it is not far from Rwanda. There are several brothels containing Rwanda sex workers. At night some of them move to the streets to attract men.

Mugisha bought several beers for the sex worker as he also took some. At around midnight, they went to the lodge and he started fucking her using kachabali style.

Rwandese girl moaning and squirting while bf doing Kachabali..too much wet pussy with loads of squirt

He said, while chatting with his friend George Kasaga that he was amused by the big quantity of sex waters that came out of the sex worker’s pussy as he played kachabali.

In the morning he escorted the sex worker and returned to the lodge room to pick his luggage. He was shocked when he found some of the lodge workers in the room. They thought he had left and come to clean the room. They were looking at the wet floor of the room,The sex water had gone through the mattress to the floor where it made a small pool.

He was fined 40,000 Uganda shillings (approximately 10 USD) for wetting the mattress. According to the management that mattress had to be washed and it would take some days for it to dry and be used again.

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Man Fined 40,000 UG Shillings for Wetting Bed by Using Kachabali Style 2 683

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