Eric Omondi denies gay allegations

Eric Omondi Exchanges Heavy Blows With Oga Obinna For Questioning His Sexual Orientation

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Comedian Eric Omondi Clashes With Oga Obinna After Questioning His Sexual Orientation

Comedian Eric Omondi and presenter Oga Obina engaged in a heated scuffle today, 10th February 2023 during an interview with Kwamboxx on Kiss FM. Going by his sentiments, Oga Obinna purported that Eric Omondi is likely to be heterosexual further coercing him to “come out of the closet” and declare his sexual orientation as it is safe to do so. Oga Obinna further called out on Eric for cross-dressing, walking naked as well as wearing ladies’ wigs. He told him,
“If you have a point to prove just come out, it’s a safe space. Stop hiding in a hole and people already know you are there. Just come out and tell people that, listen guys a am fluid or am like this”
Eric Omondi dressed in a sexy red dress
Eric Omondi dressed in a sexy red dress
Shortly before the presenter finished the statement, he was met by heavy blows which caused havoc in the studio. The two celebrities also exchanged bitter words which proves that they still have unsettled differences.
This altercation happens a few days after the celebrated comedian vehemently denied claims of being heterosexual during an Instalive session with gospel musician Daddy Owen. He said that he cross-dresses just to appeal to the female audience or to pass across some message.
Eric Omondi cross dressing
Eric Omondi crossdressing
He said, ” “I am not a homosexual na ishindwe kabisa and it will never happen. I’m a very straight person…I’m a comedian and with all the biggest comedians in the world, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Crazy Kennar, Flaqo, and Terrence Creative there is something we have in common, we play characters to appeal to our female audience or to pass across a certain message…”

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